How do I know what size skip I need?

Please see the list of different skips that we offer on our skip size page. If you’re still unsure then please give us a call and we’ll be happy to help

How long can I keep it?

We are flexible, but anything up to two weeks.

How high can I fill the skip?

To safely pick it up and transport it, the waste needs to be no higher than level with the top of the skip.

Is there anything that I cannot put in my skip?

Yes – please do NOT, under any circumstances, fill the skip with asbestos, fridges, freezers, tyres or gas bottles for obvious reasons. Please contact us if you are not sure.

Where does my waste go?

Your waste will be sent to a sorting station who will extract the recyclable material. Everything else will go to a landfill site. We ensure that everything is disposed of safely and legally.

Are you VAT registered?

Yes, County Skips Ltd is VAT registered and therefore your skip hire price will be subject to VAT. Individual hire prices are inclusive of VAT but you will be able to see a VAT breakdown during the checkout process. If you need a VAT invoice or have any questions, please get in touch.

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