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Save time by ordering your aggregates when you order your skip! Whatever your project, County Skips can supply the best quality aggregates quickly and efficiently, to domestic and commercial customers throughout North East Essex. If you are hiring a skip for your waste disposal, why not order your aggregates from us too, and have them delivered at the same time?

Our quality aggregates are perfect for home improvements, driveways, patios, and landscaping, as well as commercial projects, and can be delivered in any quantity you need, usually on the same day! Whether you require crushed hardcore, gravel, screened soil, sharp sand and cement, or foundation soil, County Skips supply primary aggregates to your exact specifications for any size job, at an affordable price.

Please get in touch if you would like further information on our aggregates service by calling us on 01255 423242. We can provide help and advice on the most suitable type of aggregate and quantities required for your needs.

Different types of aggregates

Construction aggregate is a material produced when a mass of fragments or particles are loosely compacted together, including sand, gravel, topsoil and ballast. It is used as a base material under foundations, roads, pathways, driveways, and for drainage applications.

Widely used in the construction industry, gravel is made up of loose, small fragments of rock. Construction gravel is produced in quarries when larger rocks are crushed and is readily available in a range of particle size, colour, and stone, such as sandstone and limestone. It can be used for a variety of applications, including road, path, and driveway construction, as well as being used for garden drainage or decoratively in borders.

Sand is a natural material, consisting of tiny, loose, granular components made up predominately from silica (silicon dioxide) in the form of quartz. It is commonly used in construction as a base layer or together with other materials such as asphalt, concrete, and screed as it provides both the strength and bulk required for these applications. Sand can be classified as follows: sharp sand (0-4mm) generally used for slab laying and block paving; reject sand (0-4mm) used for pipe blending; building sand used for brick laying and block work; and soft washed sand used for rendering.

Crushed Hardcore
Crushed hardcore can be used to create a compact, level sub-base for areas that will then be laid with a heavy load of concrete or stone, such as patios and driveways. It is also used in the formation of foundations, roads, and other load-bearing surfaces. Using hardcore helps to remove gaps, preventing weakness, with the appropriate thickness being determined by the expected load. Different types of crushed hardcore include construction and quarry waste, gravel, crushed rock, and concrete rubble.

Topsoil or fertile soil is made up of organic matter, mineral particles, water, and air. Typically, between 5 – 20cm deep, topsoil helps to improve the nutrient levels and has been screened to remove any contaminants. Enriched topsoil is used mostly for borders, pots and baskets and is a mix of compost and screened soil. Premium topsoil is good for general garden use, including flower beds, borders, and lawn preparation, whereas standard topsoil is the best option when filling large, deep areas that will then have a premium soil on top.

Made from material such as crushed stone and gravel, ballast is the coarsest form of aggregate available. It is widely used in concrete mixes for foundations and holding structures, like sleepers, in place. Different types are available, depending on your requirements: raised ballast is the best option for driveways and backfill; 0-10mm/-20mm ballast can be used for sub-bases and concrete foundations; and 20mm screened ballast is the ideal choice for footpaths and driveways.

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